What Square’s Flat Fee Means to Small Business

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Just after Square made moves in partnering with Starbucks they are making sure to let the business world know they aren’t forgetting the little guy offering a payment plan that can help small businesses. The move is self-serving, but the logic behind it and the explanation given by Keith Rabois, Square’s chief operating officer, say all good things about the company and it’s relationship with smaller merchants. Some of those merchants will benefit. For others it’s just as much smoke and mirrors as Super Pac ads. Either way it marks a good turn for mobile, small businesses, and their pairing.

With the approaching political whirlwind that is the impending election, we’re bound to hear countless advertisements and read numerous articles about what the presidential candidates think and feel for small businesses and the world on Main Street. The problem with the feel good mom and pop version of handshakes and smiles portrayed by each campaign is that as a voting public it’s difficult to know what’s real and what’s not. While the business world is driven by capitalism, it is still difficult to parse out what a company’s motivations are. Enter square’s recent press release.

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