The Future is Now: Nailing the Interview

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Perhaps the single most important part of the job-finding process, the interview makes a nervous wreck out of even the most stoic of gentlemen. Here’s the inside scoop for coming out on top.

Interviewing is kind of like dating. You have specific bullets about yourself that you find every which way to highlight throughout dinner and drinks, and then you get the girl into bed – I’m assuming here, for your benefit – and into a relationship – if you’re that type of guy – and forget all about what got you there. Then something happens. The relationship unravels or some tragedy befalls all the romance and you’re back on market, looking for a new catch. But, like most of us, you don’t have a handy guidebook of how you got the last girl, or the one before that. Thus you come to a familiar problem: getting the next girl. But in this article the next girl is really the next job. Because when you come down to it, interviewing at its core is pretty much the same as dating. The only difference is the benefits package, depending on the employer, or girlfriend.


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