Blueprint for Success: Pelé

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One of the most well-known figures in sports history is also one of the most respected.

World Cup soccer is nearly upon us. After a post-Olympic hangover and enough time to recharge living room DVRs, the international football circuit is coming to a TV near you.  In less than a month the world will be entrenched in constant football (soccer) coverage. It only makes sense then to reference past greats in anticipation for the next grand stage. One great generally rises above the rest when starting this conversation: Edson Arantes do Nascimento. In a word, Pelé.

Pelé is one of the most well known athletes in the history of modern sport. Whereas the names Michael Jordan and Lebron James dominate a country and extend out to the rest of the world, Pelé dominated the world and extended into America. His effect is unparalleled.


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