Dream Islands

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For sale this summer: 29 private islands in Maine. Heart shape optional.

Ever dream of escaping it all, of skipping the exit to work and driving until a sign signals paradise is up ahead? It’s an intriguing idea, one that can’t be true. Paradise is nothing more than a mirage. But what if it could be more? What if those two weeks of summer escape from the daily grind could be more than just a rental on the coast?

As you start searching for a relaxing vacation spot this summer, try taking a detour from the usual beachfront cottages to search for a more exclusive hangout: your own.

For as little as $39,999 you could be lounging on your own private island, forever separated from the rest of the world by water.

There are as many as 29 island oases for sale this year, just awaiting your arrival. Buy one, hold it, cherish it, rename it if you like. From that five-figure bargain option to a family compound for $6.5 million, all of these island getaways call Maine home, sparkling with beaches, greenery, and wildlife galore. With so many to choose from, which will be yours?

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