Zac Efron: How Dare He?

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In a recent UK Cosmo interview promoting the upcoming release of We Are Your Friends, Zac Efron, Emily Ratajkowski, and director Max Joseph were put to the test in a game that had them recognizing song titles by listening to each song’s intro. A pretty fluff interview, but that’s neither here nor there. Things started off well as is expected, but get this steamy faux pas; Efron couldn’t remember the name of a High School Musical song. On no. How Dare he?

The comment sections of every gossip column erupted with former fans who haven’t grown up over the last decade deriding Efron for his heartless miscue. Everything from Catfish comments to countless drug accusations ensued. A few compassionate souls saw fit to come to his defense, but basic grammar checks leave all parties suspect. That Efron knew it was from High School Musical instantly and could sing the words didn’t matter to trolls and malcontents. Even his seemingly on point assertion that “There’s like three movies of songs guys” didn’t stave off haters.


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