Making Lists and Checking Them Off

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Making lists can be an art form. While there will always be exceptions to the rule, productivity and list making go hand-in-hand. Of course there is more to productivity than just making lists and checking them off, but keeping lists can provide a very tangible benefit in the workplace and make you a more efficient supervisor or employee.

List-making works to align short and long term goals into the workflow of daily life. This seems like common sense on its face, but when most people look closely at their actual workdays they see a tendency to get stuck in daily minutia rather than projects that benefit long term progress and growth. This is where targeted lists can help.

Long Term Goals

Productive people are judicious with what items make it onto their lists. Before you get to the task of making daily lists, focus your efforts on itemizing what your long-term goals are. Too many days, weeks, and months are wasted completing tasks that don’t benefit you any further than the short term. In these circumstances you may well be very productive each day, but with nothing amounting to anything down the road.

Sit down and brainstorm what long term goals you have, whether they are company growth goals, inventory goals, or market sector goals. They can also be a goals of how many conferences to attend, what education to get for employees, or even saving for a company computer upgrade. They should be somewhat big, as they’ll take a while to attain. That’s a good thing. Big is good.

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