Should Social Media be Banned in Your Workplace

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The debate as to whether or not organizations should ban social media sites in the workplace has been going on since Facebook went mainstream and before. The answers range wildly depending on where advice comes from on the subject.

Schools of thought generally lump into two categories related to social media.

Some think that social media should be banned altogether from the workplace as it creates an environment with too much opportunity for employees to waste time and become less productive due to their ability to spend countless hours on any number of sites doing any number of things. There is merit to this argument, especially with the number of millenials entering the workforce.

The other school of thought generally associated with the relationship between social media and employment argues that employees should be encouraged to use social media as a tool to engage with other employees, customers, and the general public. Social media presence in these environments is regarded as a way to network and be present in the general public in a more natural way.

The question you need to ask as you choose a social media policy is not necessarily an easy one…

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