Five Ways to Unlock Creativity in the Workplace

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  1. Teach the Process

Creativity isn’t taught as a course of action in contemporary educational circles. Students are taught much in their school days through grade school and as undergraduates. But much of that learning is done in the box. As much as thinking outside the box is a cliché, it is a valuable axiom, one that should be incorporated in your daily training process.

Most of your employees will want to know what the steps are when you ask them to do something. It’s a normal question to ask. While you answer it with step-by-step instructions, also point out that it is okay to question those steps and the assumptions that come with them.
Creativity comes from being curious and following ideas wherever they might lead. Encourage employees to explore different ways to do things and to develop new approaches and solutions. Let them present those ideas to you and actually look at them. It will help your own creativity to questions the assumptions you still hold.

  1. Make Failure a Part of the Process

Today’s millenials are afraid to fail. It has been bred into them that they are special and that they can do anything they set their minds to. But they have also spent the better part of their lives with either a model or a mentor to work from or with. Take either away and the results vary wildly.


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