The Importance of a Right-Hand Man

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There is a leading figure in every company. That person is seen as the figurehead, the boss, the manager, and the decision maker. If this person is forward thinking, he will have a strong right-hand man. Every great leader has one. Each president has a vice president, a school principal has an assistant principal, and most CEOs have one or more individuals directly under them who they can trust completely.

The person chosen for this position is likely has many of the following qualities:

Has Complementing Skills

When considering a right-hand man, the best route for a company leader to take is to find an individual who has different management skills than he does. A person who has the same background and education will have much in common with a leader, but the partnership will be much more effective if there is a healthy balance of abilities and knowledge. A great figurehead will choose a person who has different skills than himself. He will not be concerned that the chosen person might be better or smarter, but rather that their team will consist of well-rounded abilities that will help run the business more efficiently and effectively. He should make a distinctive point of hiring an individual who has all the skills and talents that he does not possess.

Is Loyal and Trustworthy

A second-in-command individual will have to be extremely loyal to his immediate supervisor. He will be trusted with company secrets as well as having access to business funds. He will be privy to passwords, employee information, and future plans for the business. This person will support his immediate supervisor in front of clients, employees, or vendors, whether he agrees with decisions or not. Both individuals should appear to be on the same page at all times when it concerns company policies and procedures.

Has Knowledge of the Business

To be in this distinctive position, a right-hand man will have to have knowledge of the workings of the company. If he is new to the job, he will have to have a background in working at a similar business. He will be expected to work hard to learn all he can about the products, services, employees, and financial aspects of the company. Continued education will also be a great asset to a second-in-command. His superior should make every effort to include him in company training, informational meetings, and important decision making. The more this person knows, the better he will be able to take care of business in the absence of his manager.

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